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The Confused

Copying Home Dvds



I am trying to copy my home-made videos. A few years ago I copied them from analogue tapes,

some VHS, some 8 mm and some mini DV digital tapes. It takes 5 or 6 attempts to be successful.

After a certain duration during the copying process (never the same could be e.g. 32 minutes,

45 minutes, whatever) the DVD drawer opens and I get the following display.



Error while copying a disc

Not all discs can be copied. For example, some movie and music discs are created with a

copy-protection feature. CDs created with packet-writing software such as Roxio Drag-to-Disc

or Microsoft’s Live File System also cannot be copied using the Copy Disc project.

Be sure the disc you are trying to copy is not copy-protected and is not a CD created with


It is time consuming, frustrating and a waste of blank DVDs.

Any suggestions please ?


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Try using Windows Explorer to copy the contents of your DVD to your hard drive. Copy the whole folder structure. If you get any errors while copying, then the problem is that the disc is unable to be read. Or, you may find it gets to one file, and you can hear it retrying to read at different speeds, but then it finally continues on, again, the disc is difficult to read, and this would be the cause of your failures. If you get a good copy to your hard drive, you should be able to use that as the source to write a new DVD. If you can't get a good copy... well, you can't get a good copy. One suggestion at that point would be to possibly get another drive, and see if it does a better job of reading the disc.


Hope that helps!

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Another thing you could do, if you have Easy CD & DVD Burning [this forum] is use your program's Get Disc Information




Run this against one of your problematic discs, and then come back with a screenshot of the results. This can tell us a lot.







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