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Does Creator NXT Pro 3 have ability to copy DVDs that are 130 minutes long, then compress to fit a DVD that is 120 minutes long? If yes, please provide the steps.


Thank you


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What kind of source DVDs? Commercial or home-made?


Where did you get the 130 minute DVD?


A standard DVD can only hold 60 minutes of video, any longer and the video has to be compressed and you lose quality.

120 minute DVDs are a marketing gimmick. Trying to put 120 minutes on a DVD will give you unwatchable video.

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Roxio uses a constant bit rate encoder at 9.0 plus mega byte a second so at Roxio's High Quality it eats up the whole single layer disc with only 60 minutes of video play time.


It's a entry level software, there are other brand software that use variable bit rate encoders, dual pass video encoders, at a higher price and take longer to encode your video, but other options are available!

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