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InstallSheild Update and Roxio Record Now! 7


I have a user with a Dell Optiplex GX 620 with the OEM Record now software. His profile was corrupted and a new one needed to be created. When the user logged in with the new profile, all applications worked except the Sonic Record Now. when the product is launched, it imeadiatly goes to an "installation" and and then cannot find an .msi. The msi it is looking for is ISUS.msi for Installshield Update Manager. I cannot find this file anywhere on the machine or the internet. Through my research on the error, I cam up with this site and followed the instructions, but the error persists. I completely removed the Sonic suite and reinstalled it, the problem persists.


I looked for support from Macrovision Installshield, but they say I have to contact the application vendor. Has anyone seen this problem, and if so, how would I remedy it?

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That's the Update Manager. It can be uninstalled and the software will work fully without missing it at all. First thing to do is uninstall it from Add/Remove programs and then if I were you, I'd call it a day.


If you or the user really wants to have Update Manager, which is probably not likely to give an update for that software package, you can download and install the update manager from here: http://patches.sonic.com/UM/um29.exe

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