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Problem With Capturing With Rgchd Pro With 2 Computers



Hi guys i have problem with my RGCHD pro on 2 laptops

my old one support roxio its win7 but i have hard time to get preview on my computer most time it gives me this picture on my computer http://postimg.org/image/dsylqhzmz/

on my other laptop is WIN8 it have very high system i can run any pc game without problem with it , i cant use roxio software on this pc because it crash so i use another supported program i get sound on my pc but i dont get picture but i get both on my TV

did update my software i repair it its the same

hope that someone will help me i dont want to sell my roxio i like it when it capture.

sorry for my bad English

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Your English is excellent but it doesn't need to be quite that large :D


Of course we will not troubleshoot your other software but the common theme is your video settings...


For your preview problem you need to change the display settings to the recommended resolution, not more than 1080 X ... (you can do higher later but lets' get it working first ;))


Then make sure you have everything in your Video Card Software settings to default! No accelerations no color changes, not enhances, etc.


Curious what that other 'program' is?


As far at your TV, the HDMI output from the Roxio Device includes HDCP coding into its' signal and blank screens or "not supported" messages are what we see when you have a TV that does not support HDCP.


You did not say WHAT you are hooked up to? Whatever game console it is, make sure it is set to the specific output cable you are using and resolution. Do Not let it be set to Auto Sense or anything like that.

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