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Monitor Not Showing Image, Only Preview



I recently got a second monitor for my PC, I decided to hook it up to my Xbox. I bought a DVI to HDMI adapter cord (amazon brand) so I could view the game on my Samsung PC monitor, it works fine. But when I plug it into my Xbox, setup correct and all, HDMI from the Xbox into the capture card, DVI-HDMI Adapter cord to the viewing port so you can see it on your monitor, and the USB. I set this all up, it works fine, my preview window shows the game, it says ready to record... but when I try to use my PC monitor to play the games on, I is just pitch black, any help? Thank you. :)


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Xbox what??? (the Xbox One added HDCP code to its' output)


I know that the RGC Device outputs HDMI With and HDCP code. I suspect that your Monitor does not accept the modified signal and/or your HDMI to DVI-D converter does not handle it right.


If you get a simple HDMI Splitter (passive is fine) it should cure your issue. (get one you can take back in case I am wrong) Just put the HDMI Splitter between your Xbox and your RGC. One HDMI out to the RGC, and the other HDMI out to your HDMI - DVI-D, then on to your TV.

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