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Help With Burn Speeds



1i have Roxio easy cd dvd maker

2.i would like to buy an external usb cd dvd burner writer

3.on the Roxio the burn speed option is max or 48x on the cd option

4.most external cd writers and burners are combo cd/dvd and are 24x speed

here's the question


will the Roxio easy cd dvd work together if I use max or 48x speed on the roxo cd

option and I have and 24x external writer burner


if not what speed burner do I need and where do I buy one

what's the difference between max and 48 on the Roxio option


Adam gheen

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Firstly, do you have Easy CD & DVD Creator 6

-this forum, old software, looks like this



or Easy CD & DVD Burning

-new software version 14, separate forum, looks like this



There's likely to be a big difference between the drives your software is comfortable with. If it's the old Version 6 software you might be in for a big fight with it.


Secondly, the speed that your disc will burn at isn't absolute. It depends on a combination of the drive, the disc, and the software.


Each blank disc has codes embedded which tell the drive the Manufacturer's Identity [MID], the type or 'booktype' of the disc [DVD plus, or RW, or DL, or DVD Dash], and the available burn strategies.

Each drive has firmware on a chip which controls the drive and matches your blank disc to an internal reference table. If it recognizes the disc it will pick burn strategies [speed and power] to suit that disc. If it's an odd-ball disc which isn't recognized, it will often default to a slower but sure method to burn the disc.


The burn speed you will be offered is a product of those two factors above, moderated by the software settings.

An example, a DVD advertized at 16x might offer me 16x, 12x, 8x, or 4x in a particular drive. If I set 8x in the software, it should burn the disc at up to 8x speed. (Given that the drive is adjusted to give a good burn over a range of speeds, I like to set the burn speed in the middle of the range just to be sure).


Usually the software will just show "Max" in the burn speed window until a blank disc is inserted and spins up in the drive. Then it will offer you burn speeds depending on the blank disc and the particular drive it sees.


Does this clear up some of your questions? Please come back and tell me the software you have, and we can get this topic into the right forum and carry on from there.




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hi Brendon

I have the new version 14 easy creator


your saying if I buy a external cd writer burner at 24x burn write

there's a chance it ill burn and write off the Roxio


I use name brand blanks cd


48x and 52x


Adam at eBay this is the device I was looking at




LG Electronics 8X USB 2.0 Ultra Slim Portable DVD+/-RW External Drive with M-DISC Support, Retail (Black) GP60NB50


I have windows 7 home premium,dell inspiron 620desktop

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Hi Adam,


I'll get this discussion shifted into the Easy CD & DVD Burning [in the red box] forum soon. :)


Right, according to the specs on the LG site here, that GP60NB50 external drive should have a DVD write speed of up to 8x and a CD writing speed of up to 24x. The spec sheet will give you a more detailed idea of speeds attainable.


Your Easy CD & DVD Burning software should be able to handle that drive okay. It's a fairly good simple disc writer for basic use.




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When you select "Max" for a speed in the burning application, that's referencing the maximum speed the drive is capable of handling. In this case, if you point it to a 24X Max speed drive, in the program's communication with the drive, it will determine that the drive has a max speed of 24X, and will likely only list that as the max speed available.

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