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Reduced Image Size When Burning Blu-Rays, Why?



I am starting out with a iMovie HD file done in 720p. I then export that file in Full Quality. I end up with a ".mov" file that I can view with QuickTime. It looks good on QuickTime.


I then use this ".mov" file and made an Image File using Toast 12.1. I then use Toast 12.1. to burn a Blu-ray disc.


However, when I play this disc on my Blu-ray player, the image size is reduced. I have black all four sides. How do I get the image to fill the entire TV screen?



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Thank you for helping. It turned out that my source material was mistakenly set to standard definition and 3:4. Changing this to 1080p and 9x16 solved that problem.


I have successfully created a Blu-ray disc (with menus, naturally). My current problem is that the main menu contains the date which I do not want. How do I eliminate the date in the main menu ?

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