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Drivers Not Working With Roxio



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You have the One and Only driver entry for the Roxio RGC...


The others came from something else and that is the challenge you will have to take up :lol:

(don't ignore them, things like eventually cause trouble)


In all of this you have never said if your Roxio install works alright??? :huh:

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Great - that shows us that the RGC Device itself is NOT receiving a valid signal from whatever it is you have it hooked up to... - 9 posts into this and you have not told us what or how you are hooked up.


Typically that indicates your game console is set to auto sense its' output. It won't work, you have to SET the output to Component or HDMI and the resolution to something the RGC accepts. (try 720 X 480P or I)


You can also use a DVD or BD Player for a quick test ;)

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when i installed roxio hd pro a couple drivers installed under unknown devices... any help?


Are you sure they were not there before installing RGCHD Pro?


If so uninstall them (right click on them one by one), unplug the RGCHD Pro from the USB port and reboot the PC. Now insert the RGCHD Pro installation disc and run repair, remove the disc and reboot the PC, now plugin the RGCHD Pro to your USB port and tell us what shows in Device Manager?

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