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How Do I Eliminate The Time And Date In The Main Menu



I am making a Blu-ray disc with chapters. I have chosen "Spotlights". When I navigate to the Main Menu the time and date is shown (from when the disk was authored) and is shown below the title.


I don't want the time and date to appear at all. How do I eliminate the time and date from any menus?


I found this: http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/83708-remove-dvd-burn-date-on-dvd-menu-screen/


But I don't see a way to "click on the text in the Toast window". How do I do this ?


My background is iDVD where you have total control over everything. It would appear that Toast 12 does not give options on how many chapters you can have. I can live with this, I'm just confirming.


Last item. I noticed that when navigating with my Blu-ray player through chapter choices the up and down arrows don't seem to work properly in all cases. There is a matrix of chapters and pushing the down button causes the chapter to the right to be chosen. In other words in many cases pressing the right button or the down button has the same effect, (moving the selection to the right).

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