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How Can I Preview A ".toast" File Without Actually Burning A Blu-Ray Disc



How can I preview (watch) a ".toast" Blu-ray file without actually burning a Blu-ray disc.


I ask this because sometimes mistakes are made, and I am wasting Blu-ray discs. When I use iDVD to make DVDs I can test the ".img" file using Apple's DVD player. I'm after a similar mechanism I can use with ".toast" Blu-ray files.



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Select the .toast file with the image file setting in the Cooy window. That should mount it on the desktop. You also can choos mount disc image from the utilities menu or control-click on the file in the Finder and choose Mount It.


Once mounted it can be played wit Roxio Video Player in the Toast Extras menu. A Blu-Ray menu won't be active but can be seen as a slate by selecting the bottom title using the titles button in the player.

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