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Error Message: Drive Reported An Error


After getting Toast 11.2 to work as it should a few months ago, thanks to a contributor to these pages, I had occasion today to repeat the exercise to copy a non-copyright DVD. And it failed miserably.


I am using a MacBook Pro 15" mid-2012 build with OSX 10.8.5. Toast appears to copy the "master" disc OK but I've experience repeated failures with the writing process. When the writing process is about 55-60% complete, the process stops and the same error message appears:


Drive reported an error

Sense key=illegal request

Sense code=0x30,0x05

Cannot write medium - incompatible format.

Disc failed to be written


I thought that I had salvaged enough of the copy to be OK but it sent Apple's DVD Player into a paroxysm of spinning beach ball that I had to force quit to regain control of my computer.


I've been unable to find readily anything relevant in the knowledge base and suspect its search engine is next door to useless anyway.


I'm using the same media (make etc) as I used with the previous copying task which was successfully completed and the app's "Help" function is pretty hopeless too.


Advice, please, and keep it simple. If it gets too complicated I get lost and being an oldie I don't have much time to waste.

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Hard to know what happened. It may indicate the optical drive is failing. Apple put low-quality drives in Macs. You might try a different brand of discs. Also, choose a burn speed other than "Best". Setting a specific burn speed may be the solution.

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