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Chris Nicola

Missing Letters When Typing Normal Speed On Roxio Forum

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I have found that when posting on the Roxio Forum I can type the first few lines at normal speed. Then afterwards letters start to go missing and I have to type with a one second delay between each letter or else they will not register fast enough and will not appear. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? If so is there anything I can do to overcome it?


Kind Regards



PS the text below was typed at normal speed an is an example of what I mean.




Ihave foundha whnposting on heRoxio foum I ca tyethe irs few lins at oral speed. Tn afterwards ettrs st o go missing and Ihave t type with a one second ela betweeneachleter or ese theywill not register fast enough and ill nt appear. Is any else exerieingthis prolem? If o isthere anytingIcad t ovecom it?

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Here's a perfect fix for this typing error when using W7 (Or W8) and IE11.

Click on the small Icon I have shown in my screen attachment when you type.

When you are finished typing click on it again. You will never get the error

using this method.


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