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Roxio Hd "no Signal" To Second Screen.



So i have a 2 screen setup (AOC 23 inch screens, both of them) And they both do run. I'm using them right now for livestreaming through an Open Broadcast Program.


The hookup i had going was the standard.


Computer <--HDMI and power cable -- > Roxio <---HDMI to DVI-D ---> Second Screen (AOC 23 inch screens are DVI D or VGA, not HDMI so i needed to get a "X to Y" cable for it. i have both an "HDMI to VGA" and "HDMI to DVI-D" and tried both.... to no avail.




The graphics card i use is an Nvidia 970 GTX GEForce graphics card if this involves anything since some programs have problems with Nvidia. Also it is an


I7 - 4790 Intel quad core 3.6 GHz processor


16gb ram


SSD hard drive w/ 1 TB storage.


The light on the roxio shows up blue for the HDMI and a purple roxio arrow light to show power. when hooked up, but doesn't show signal to the screen. (It's almost like the signal is 'lost' upon contacting the Roxio to go to the second screen.)



Can someone assist me in figuring out this problem? I bought this bloody thing back in December in preparation for this computer (a custom built gaming rig purchased for almost 2 grand) And figured Roxio would be perfect for it.


This really bothers me :(

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Your hookup is hardly "Standard" :lol:


Very few have been able to hookup up like that and have it work :(


Since you are Playing on your PC, why not just Play the game on Monitor 2 instead of creating a cable jungle?


The problem is in the jungle you created... The RGC outputs HDMI and adds HDCP coding... Now I am assuming that your HDMI to DVI-D worked from your video cart to Monitor 2. The difference then is the HDCP coding ;)

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