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Edit Song Information

Glen WW


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Looks as though you've got the Pro version. I Have the standard version. The Blue I is situated on the Edit Song information Icon which is different to above It wont let me cut & paste a snip of the screen.

Thanks for your reply

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You're right Glen, I don't have plain NXT 3.


Can you amplify on what's happening for you, please? Is the Edit Song Information program not opening, or is it opening but something else is going wrong?

Did you get any error messages during installation of the suite?




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To post an image here, you need to capture a screen shot on your computer and save it as a file. If you're using Windows 7, you can use the "Snipping Tool" under All Programs -> Accessories, which will let you grab just the desired section of the screen and save it to a file.


Once you have it in a file, you want to start your post here, and in the lower left, click on the "More Reply Options".




Once you do that, you'll see the option to "Attach Files




Click the "Choose Files" button, navigate to your saved image file, and it will be uploaded, but it won't be part of your post until you put your cursor where you want to insert your image and click the "Add to Post" link.




Hope that helps!

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Ah, the frequent tasks listing page! That large blue "I" stands for information. If you frequently used the program to make mp3 discs, That icon would appear with a large blue "mp3" over it.


Could you explain the issue of "not registering"? Could you tell us how you are editing the tags? If you see a note about not found or not identified, that piece of music may not be in the database in a way that the program can't find it. Sometimes you will get Chinese characters if the database makes a mistake.

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Who are you posting to, Steve?


This was a 9-month dead thread until Yah-2008 posted a 'Thank you' yesterday. The original poster hasn't logged in since 30 April last year, so there's not much point asking him to explain anything.



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