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New to Movie Creator, what to expect?

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Hi All. Brief history of myself in movie making. I know nothing! I purchased a USB devise a year ago to copy about 25 family VHS tapes to DVD with really no plans to edit other then blank spots etc. The devise came with studio 9. The box said it's min specs are yada,yada,yada. Mine exceeded them, but only slightly. Speed of the job was not a issue. Well, the studio 9 didn't work on my machine at all because I didn't have SP2 for XP pro. ( not on the net machine in my away from the family office) the family PC that worked for years was too small. P2-333. Got a P3-733 from work, added a new HD and a second new Hd for only capture and edit work, XP Pro-Sp2 and my CD burner. Studio 9 worked after some playing but my first 5 min capture tester took over 18 hours to render plus editing caused it to stall\crash etc. Was totally frustraited, tried everything! Figured well........get a newer puter. Purchased a off lease ( all I could afford) Amd-2200, Xp home-sp2 yada yada. Loaded studio, same 5 min clip, amd chip over heated and shut down. Opened the case, added a bigger fan finally rendered, burnt a tester DVD. Ok but system is prone to crap/shut downs, errors. tried a number of captures,edits etc. Not impressed at all!!!!!!!!! Actually gave up the idea of redoing the VHS tapes myself, don't need the grief.

Happy Part now!

Was buying cd'rs on the weekend at my local computer shop and was looking in the bargin bin as I walked toward the checkout and saw a the Roxio Movie Maker box sitting on the top of the pile of discounted programs, it was marked down to $10.00 cdn. I read the box, figured what the heck I will install it on my favorite computer a true IBM P3-650 that has served me well for 3 years, never had blue screen issues or even crashed as I recall. Yes its small but I didn't want issues with two movie programs on the bigger one since it kinda works. WELL IT LOADED AND WORKS!!!!! I am so happy, it rendered the exact same clip in about 5 mins or so.

My real question is what kind of issues if any do I have to look forward to using this program?

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Guest mlpasley
My real question is what kind of issues if any do I have to look forward to using this program?


Issues? That's hard to say because each computer has it's own setup that might cause problems. Your computer does have to meet the minimum specifications for the program. Roxio is now on version 9, so that's why 5 was so cheap. Personally, I like the program because it doesn't take a long time to learn.


If you're video card doesn't meet the specs, you might have trouble with the transitions and effects. If your sound card doesn't meet specs that could cause problems. I find dragging multiple copies of the video onto the storyline to edit the 'scenes' tedious. And rendering is a slow process which I tend to let the computer work on while I'm catching some zzz's.


I'd suggest capturing in AVI if your device allows it. MPEG2 video can cause some problems in the decoding and reencoding that's usually required.


Overall, it's a pretty good program. I'd suggest you try editing a small video and taking it through the burning process to see how it works and what problems you encounter. If you find something strange, post again.

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