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How To Delete A Production



I have a production I made with Roxio VideoWave. Basically I saved it to the hard drive but made a typo in the name that is saved under (file name). I was worried that if I just changed the file name that it could screw up some linkages in the production when I tried to use it later.


I loaded the production and saved it again using a correctly spelled file name.


Now I'm wondering how to get rid of the old production.

I could just delete the .dmsm file using file manager (Win 7). But would this leave other files behind, perhaps orphans that the production uses? In file manager there is a .dat file with each .dmsm file in the directory I saved the production. Are there other files kept somewhere else? The files on the hard drive are rather small - I have a 12 minute video with a .dmsm 519 kb and .dat 576 kb 16:9 - I suspect the actual images are somewhere else and taking up more room.


I deleted all the photos and videos from the production (empty production) and saved it. The .dmsm file is gone but there is still a .dat file 110 kb size remaining.


I can't find a command to delete a production anywhere. Seems like I'll end up with a lot of dead productions laying around using up disk space and perhaps a lot of dead files.


Any insights would be helpful.


Win 7

Roxio Creator NXT 3 Ver;

Build 160B45J


Roxio VideoWave: Edit Video - Advanced

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Just delete any old dmsm project file. A project file contains no video, photo or audio file. All it contains is the roadmap on how to create the project. You can also delete the associated dat file as it can no longer be used for any other projects. The dat files mostly contain the data to create the thumbnails when viewing the storyline.

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