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Selecting Parts From A Video.



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Is it possible to select a part of a home made video and put it on my laptop and then burn or copy just that part?


The short answer - yes.


If you want help you will have to be a lot more specific on what exactly you want to do.

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I have DVD's that have been converted from VHS home made tapes. Say I have a DVD that is an hour long and there is wedding on it that is 20 minutes long. I want to just put the wedding part on a DVD, so That I can give it to someone. Thanks for your help Digi. Regards Cymro.

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What you do is Import the entire video and designate Scenes, including one for the Wedding.


Then use the Scene or scenes that are of interest ;)


An alternate to that, is to Import the entire video and trip off the parts you don't want. You can still have the entire video saved and available whenever you want it.


One other thing that you should be aware of... You are starting with mediorcre quality when you started with tape. Keep everything at HQ (NEVER Fit to Disc setting). That also means No More than 1 hour on a DVD (regular) or 2 hours on a DL DVD -_-


Edit: I left out a link concerning Chapters and Scenes - Here

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