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Problems - Split


I'm having these problems too (video freezes or I get a green screen instead of video). Do you have any tips for improving the signal? My VCR has connections in the front and rear. Is either one better than the other? Is an S video cable better than the AV cables? The other problem I have is a little more bizarre. The bottom half of the window is hidden and I can't get to the record button. I've tried reducing the size of the window and dragging it higher but it just kind of "snaps" back to where it was and I can't see it. Stupid, I know. I'm pretty frustrated with this process and would appreciate any suggestions you have to offer.

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I split this as your issues have nothing to do with the old Topic you posted in...


Last one first (screen size) - the program only works in 96 DPI (Control Panel - Display - Smaller - 100%(default))


The connections on Front of your VCR are for input and nothing comes out of them. You need to use one on the back of the VCR and make sure it it marked "Out" or "Output".AND is Composite (Yellow/White/Red) and not Component (Red/Green/Blue/White/Red)


Here is an example of a really easy one:



S-Video is slightly better but then you still need a separate Audio connection (White/Red)


Let's get it running before we try to tune it ;)

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