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Nxt Pro 3 - Upgrade And Installation Problem With Videowave



I recently upgraded from Creator NXT Pro to Creator NXT3 with installation proceeding with success. However, when I try to open from the Home screen Edit Video-Advance or Create DVDs the program would not open. All the other programs open and I am able to proceed as before. Clicking on the Video/Movie section and trying to open the edit video also is having the same unsuccessful result. My system is a: Dell Studio XPS 9100, Windows 7 Premium Edition (64 bit), with 8 gb system memory, 1 TB hard drive and ATI Radeo HD 5670 video Card. As far as I know they are all up to date. Can anyone help? I have done multiple uninstall and reinstall/repair without success. Thanks for your help.



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Hi, this seems to be my issue as well..., also long time user of the Creator with a lot of upgrades over the years

I've tried all "solutions" and still no action with videowave, irritating problem,the only error is seen in event log (Application) where the module ntdll.dll crashes due to software fault with Videowave15.exe


I hope to get some useful solutions here but it seems that we may need to contact Tech support instead.

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Be careful, you only have 10 retries before you need to get the count reset and that may take some time.


Did you have your antivirus active during the install?


Try going to the installation disc or download and see if you can do a repair with the antivirus off.


Did you go from NXTPro to NXT3 standard (not pro)?

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Digital Guru,

Thanks for your response. Yes, I removed both the antivirus and firewall off without success. I have been using Roxio Creator for over 10 years and upgraded over time, from Creator Pro to NXT Pro and now to NXT Pro3. Several years ago I experienced similar installation problem and had to go into the registry and remove all Roxio and Sonic entry. However, this install is different because it works, except that I am unable to open Videowave and or create a dvd. While doing the first install I was requested to remove the old Roxio Creator Nxt Pro from my system, which I did. The new program "Edit Video Simply" works OK. Yet, the Video Wave would not.


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Remove all of Roxio fragments before you install. Follow the following directions in the order below:

1. Download and install Revo uninstaller (http://www.revouninstaller.com/), Then run it in Moderate Mode to remove all traces of Roxio.

2. Create a new user account with Administrator Privileges.

3. Turn Off the antivirus program and firewall.

4. Reboot and log on to the new account.

5. Copy your entire disc to a new folder on your hard drive.

6. In the new folder, right click on Setup.exe and select Properties.

7. Under the Compatibility tab, make sure nothing is checked.

8. Right click Setup.exe again and select Open.

9. Allow the program to check for Roxio updates.

10. Use the default locations for storing program.

11. When Install completes, turn your antivirus and firewall back on and reboot.

12. Logon with your user account and try your program.


Hope that this works for you.

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