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Mixer Is Null



I am using EMC8. I have been working on a production of mixed video and photos using "Edit Video". I successfully created the production, closed it, saved it and can reopen it. However, I can not get my Preview to run in either the Storyline or Timeline view. The production just opens. I tried to add a photo to it to see that would kick start the preview. I was able to add the photo but got a message suggesting my panels were 0 even though I had over 50. Most of the other efforts I made to start preview resulted in receiving a message that said "Mixer is NULL". I can not find out what this means. Can any one help?

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The following message from Patrick was on the old boards, don't know if it has beenh posted again:


Mixer is Null Error When Adding Content To VideoWave Project


The information in this article applies to:

Easy Media Creator 8


Applicable Operating Systems:

Windows 2000 Professional

Windows XP Home / Pro / Media Center

Windows XP Professional x64 Edition




When using VideoWave or MyDVD and adding content to a project you may receive the following error message:


Mixer is Null




This can when adding images, video, audio, or other effects to a Videowave project or when using the "Edit Movie" functionality in MyDVD. If you recieve that error you should delete the item you just added to your project which caused the error, save your project, and close VideoWave or MyDVD.


Once all open EMC 8 applications have been closed, download and install the following hotfix:




Once the installation is complete you may should launch MyDVD and try to burn your project again.

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