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Creator Nxt Pro 3 Won't Run After Install



After installing Creator Pro 3 whenever I try to start the program, I get the error message - "Creator has stopped working". I purchased the upgrade version and I didn't receive a support code so I can't get any help from technical support. I've tried copying the disk files to my desktop and installing them from there, but that didn't work either.

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Well, after going around and around trying to get some support from Roxio (maybe worthy of a separate thread/rant another time :) ), I finally figured out how to get my program working. When I initially installed the program, I chose not to install "BackOnTrack" and "Secure Burn", as I only wanted to install the main program. I went back and installed these two programs and after restarting the computer, everything appears to be working. I guess these programs aren't optional after all!

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Mcpix said:

-after installing Creator Pro 3 [he meant Creator NXT Pro 3, I think] without BackOnTrack or Roxio Secure Burn he couldn't start the program

-he purchased an upgrade, so didn't get a support code

-he tried [re]installing from files copied to his hard drive, without change

-he finally went back and installed BoT and RSB and everything worked.

-he guessed BoT and RSB might not be optional


Big Jim said:

-no that is not correct


Bbhughes said:

-what Mcpix said is correct


This is not very helpful, and could be downright misleading. Which of the five statements Mcpix made are you two people disputing or supporting?

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Thanks Bbhughes.


I went and did the same thing, custom installing NXT Pro 3 on a clean Windows 10 and leaving off BoT and RSB.

It worked fine and is still doing so, indicating that the selective install can work okay.


I don't know why the installer played up for Mcpix and you, but I think it was an installer problem rather than because you chose not to have BoT and RSB.

I suspect that it was running the installer again which cured the problem, more than adding in the optional programs. Over the past few years Roxio's installers seem to have been a lot more wobbly than they used to be. [They're not alone, Windows 10 took many attempts]




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