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subtitles in popcorn 2 ?


I am a prospective buyer of Popcorn 2...


Does Popcorn 2 deal properly with subtitles on DVD and VIDEO_TS input? In other words, can I encode a VIDEO_TS folder into a .mov with the subtitles of my choice (from the DVD) included?


Thanks for any information!

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I am getting upset myself I do not see any information on Popcorn 2 supporting Subtitles.... now I am really losing it.... :( why, Roxio why must you leave everything out... popcorn 2 is soo not worth the money for Digital Movie making!! At all....


-I mean now subtitle for digital movies

-No chapters for Digital Movies

-No Dolby Pro Logic support

-No multipass for iPod (640w)


Update these Roxio add support for these ASAP Please...!!!!

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