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Mydvd Question


I was wondering if there is any way to stop MyDVD from automaticaly placeing a sub menu on a new menu when the one your curently on is "full".


Further explination

I am currently working on a progect where I am grouping together many cartoons acording to there stars in sub-menus on the main menu. But after only three sub-menus, it makes another main menu and places the next sub-menu on that one automaticaly. Even when I cut and past the sub-menu from the new menu to the first one it automaticaly goes back to the next menu.


Is there any way to stop this from happening?


Side note: Why does MyDVD ask you if you want to place movies on a new menu, claming that the current one is "full" when there is clearly room for lots more?

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Next time you get out a Commercial DVD notice how they are set up the same way :huh:


It has to do with the Standards that all DVD Movies comply with.


My personal feeling is you should rethink your project! Do you want people to remember the Video or how much trouble they had navigating their way through your menus :lol:


That said, if you are making Chapter Menus, No it is automatic.


If you make actual menu pages manually, you can force more buttons onto a page but at the risk of bizarre behavior... A down arrow on the remote goes from Button One to Button Two to Button 6 :huh:

And it cannot be changed.

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