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Moving Temporary File Location



I recently purchased and installed a Red Box copy of Easy CD&DVD Burning software on my Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit desktop, with SSD as "C" (system) drive. Installation was routine and error free. While preparing to do my first burn - multi GB ISO DVD - I reviewed configuration options, and discovered that the location of the temporary file storage is on the "C" drive. Since my system is designed and configured to store all instances on large data files on hard drives with mutli TB capacity, I would like to relocate the temporary burn directory to one of the hard drives. Can this be done? If yes, I welcome advice on how to do so. There were no options for making this change during the software installation. Thanks for your support.

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The application is easy CD&DVD Burning, version, menu Roxio Burn\Burn Disc Image. The temporary burn directory is reported as: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Roxio\Roxio Burn. As I mentioned, "C" drive is an SSD on which no user data is stored by configuration. Thanks for your support.

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Okay, it's Roxio Burn. That's good, because the Main Menu options have been 'simplified' so much by Sonic that you can't alter them.


In Roxio Burn, open up the Options Dialog in the menu, and you'll see this screen. I've put a red line around the relevant part.




It shows the temporary file location on the left, and a 'Browse' button on the right.

Click the browse button, and navigate to somewhere else on your system where you want the temp files saved, then click OK.

That should do it for you.




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