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No Cd Or Cd Key And Cant Use Product



Well heres the story my brother a while ago bought this Roxio HD capture PRO and then a year later her got an elgato and lost the CD, i tried using the serial number but that didnt work its invalid and i dont know how to find my CD key so i cant download the software to record on my Xbox's. I will provide proof if someone starts to help me because i dont have a webcam id have to do it from my phone! is there any hope AT ALL for me

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So, you've got all sorts of mixed hardware and software in your posting.


There's the Roxio Game Capture Pro, which requires the Roxio Game Capture Pro software (and key).


Then there's an Elgato device, which presumably comes with it's own software and key.


From what you've posted, we have no idea which software you have, and which you've lost. Do you have the Roxio software? If so, you can't use it with your elgato device. And vice versa, you can't use your elgato software with your Roxio device.


Please straighten us out on exactly what you have, and what you've lost.

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