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Can't choose "DVD" option on videoCD/DVD Maker

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Ever since I installed a new DVD-R drive, when I go to the "VideoCD/DVD Maker", and attempt to burn my project to DVD, the DVD button is grayed. I can choose the other 2 options, but not "DVD".


I saw the suggestion on this forum to download the update: Drive Update for Easy CD Creator Platinum


I downloaded and installed that. After rebooting, nothing has changed.


Any suggestion?


Thank you.

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Guest mlpasley

You may have to do a workaround. The problem is that Movie Creator needs those drive updates from Roxio in order to recognize new DVD burners and obviously, it doesn't recognize yours. And if it doesn't recognize your DV burner, you cannot make anything but a VCD or DVD on CD with the 'Video CD\DVD Maker.' ( I have this problem on one of my computers.)


You can 'Make' your movie into an mpeg2 for DVD playback. However, you're going to need another program that will allow you to make a video DVD. The Roxio Easy Media Creator versions (starting with version 6, I think) will allow you to do that. The later versions take the information from the burner itself rather than needing drive updates. Depending on your computer's specifications, a later version of the Roxio products are for sale on this website and discontinued versions (6,7,8) are available from retailers on the internet. I use version 7+.


You may already have a program that came with the DVD burner that allows you to make a video DVD from the mpeg2 file. If the mpeg2 file isn't compatable with that program, you could always 'make' the movie for a dv camcorder and get a dv avi file which is recognized by other video burning programs.


You also might want to try www.videohelp.com for freeware that can burn video DVDs.

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