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Roxio Vhs To Dvd



Hi I was using VHS to DVD fine, then I upgraded to VHS to DVD3. Now although the software runs, it tells me to connect the capture device. I have checked the cords and the VHS player, they are fine. The device makes a noise when I shove it in. However it is not detected by the software. I am running Windows 7.


I though would try it on my new laptop running windows8 but the install cd has an error.


I am in Australia no support avail and no response to email

Any suggestios appreciated

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I bought this programme on disc years ago and it worked well in my Window 7 laptop. At some point last year I bought the upgrade to V3 and have it in a download.


I went to use it yesterday, and it wont detect video. I can't remember if I have used it since the upgrade When I go to programme list in 'uninstall' only theV3 is listed. Is this right? I know the yellow red and white cords and vhs machine are ok cos they are still plugged in same machine from last use. I plugged them into tv to check, and all good there. That makes it a device, software or settings issue, right?


I thought ok i'll try installing from scratch in new Windows 8 laptop, but original CD wont install, either comes up with error or stalls and the green line stops moving.


Am so frustrated. Any suggestions?


Live in Australia and can't get any help from Corel. Chat doesn't work (must be time diff), don't respond to email and no phone no (out of support warranty anyway)


Thanks, any suggestions welcome

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