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Blu Ray With Dolby Audio





I am trying to create Blu-Rays of a feature film. I have the Dolby encoded stereo files from the professional mix. I have the color corrected picture from the colorist. I want to bring these two elements into Toast and create a final Blu Ray.


My understanding is that the Dolby encoding that the mixer did will be blown away if I import the audio into Avid (is this true?) and then re-export the audio and video as a new Quicktime. I want to avoid going back through Avid. I want to combine my picture and audio in Toast, and then create the Blu Ray.


Is this possible? Do I need to use some other software? Can anybody help me?


Thank you!

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Toast should use the existing dolby audio file without any modification. Add the video file that does not contain the audio stream. Toast will ask for you to locate the audio (unless it is in the same folder and has the same name except for the extension, in which case Toast automatically matches the audio).

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