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Need A Little Help With Creating Chapters



Need a Little Help with Creating Chapters.


Previously, I successfully created a Blu-ray disc from a QuickTime file. I set my chapters to occur every 10 minutes. When the disk is first launched in a Blu-ray player it would show about 8 chapters. Next to each chapter was a still image from the movie showing the beginning of that chapter.


However now, I'm working on another project and my chapters don't show any image at all, just a number only. I have no idea what I did previously to have those images next to each chapter number.


Suggestions appreciated.

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Did you change from a menu style with thumbnails to an all-text menu style?


That must be it. It's hard for me to tell which menu styles offer thumbnails and which are all text. Moreover, I found no way to type in any text when I accidentally used the menu style that was text-only. I just got a series of numbers, 1 2 3 etc.


How can I tell which menu styles offer the thumbnails? “Cobblestone” will give thumbnails, “Splash” will not.


On my most recent project I noticed that when the movie ended it restarted again. Is there a way to have the Blu-ray go back to the main menu when the movie is over ? It's so frustrating not being able to see the results of your work until after the Blu-ray is burned, (unlike iDVD).


By the way, I very much appreciate your help. It seems like you do most of the answering on this board.

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Arabesque and Splash are text only. All others have thumbnails. Toast is very lame when it comes to chapter menus. There is no way to have both a thumbnail and text, there is no way to edit the text, there is no way to select the thumbnail. Toast can place chapter marks without creating a chapter menu. In that way you can use the remote to skip to other chapters but not have to deal with the lousy chapter menu. That's what I do. To disable chapter menus uncheck the box next to Include scene menus for video" in the window that appears when you click Customize...


To prevent the disc from automatically replaying, uncheck the box next to Play All Items continuously in the main Toast window. If you choose No Menu the disc will continuously play regardless because there is no menu for it to return to.

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