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Stuttering Blu Ray Playback





I am burning Blu Rays using Toast 12. I just burned my first one. I didn't customize anything other than the menu. I used the "best" encode setting.


When I play my Blu Ray on my Playstation 3, it has a sort of stutter, like a three frame strobe effect. The motion is not fluid.


I assume this is because the bit rate is too high. But that seems strange, since I am using a default setting.


Does anybody know whether setting my average and/or maximum bit rate lower will help? What about any of the other settings? Blu Ray should be MPEG-4 AVC, right?


Thanks very much!

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The first suggestion I'd have is trying your disc in another drive/player and see if it plays okay there.


The second suggestion would be to get a different brand (or two) of disc and make another copy, and see if that plays okay in your PS3. I think it's more likely that the drive in your PS3 is having trouble reading the disc, than that the bit rate is too high.

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Yes, Toast seems to be able to play it back fine. I wish that did me more good!


I tried a lower bit rate and had the same problem on my PS3.


I don't have access to other blu ray players, so it is hard to know whether it is just the PS3. But, on the other hand, lots of people use PS3s to play blu rays, so if the PS3 can't play it, it's a coaster!

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Okay, I was hoping you wouldn't say Memorex. Memorex discs are often considered the bottom of the heap for quality. Definitely get yourself a few of another brand or two of disc to try. Verbatim discs have historically been ranked as good discs. A lot of folks have had issues that have been fixed by simply using a brand other than Memorex.

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