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Mp4 Format & Custom Menu


can this program burn mp4 format video files to a dvd & the dvd will play in dvd players?


and can this program allow you to create/customize your own menus?


I've been searching for months for a program to do these things. Bought 2 and got "took" because in the end they wouldn't burn anything to a dvd disc; luckily I was able to get my money back.


but before I spend any more money I need to know this program will do what I want.

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The answer is "Yes, but..." The video format for a standard DVD is MPG2, so it will convert it to the proper format when you output it for a DVD. And a DVD is Standard Definition (720x480) not HD. So if your .MP4 file is HD, the conversion will bring it down to SD.


You can't just write a video file to a DVD and expect it to play. You need to use an Authoring program, such as MyDVD (part of the NXT3 suite) to create the proper format files for the DVD, including your menus.


If you need HD video, you can create an AVCHD disc on a DVD, but that must be played in a blu-ray player.


Does that answer your question(s)?

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Yes to all your questions. This one of the main features of Roxio Creator NXT 3.


Of course you cannot simply burn a mp4 file to a DVD and expect it to play on DVD players. All such DVDs have to created (authored) to the international standard


I see that DAve has also answered your question. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to come back here.

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