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I Have A Cd Key, But My Cd Drive...she No Opens!



Hey All,


So like I crudely mentioned in the title, just purchased a Roxio HD Game Capture device, apparently I need a working CD drive?!? (Gasp)


Unfortunately the old girl busted- I was reading that there is someone here who could help me?


Is there a download link?




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You have no friends with a working drive that can copy your DVD to a thumb/USB drive? That's really your best solution.


But if you have no friends that can help you out, you can try contacting Rox-Ralf using the link in my signature below about getting your CD-Key reset. There are instructions there to contact him. It may take a couple days for him to get back to you, and he may suggest having a friend copy the disc to a thumb drive, since you have the disc.

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