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Windows 10 Releases In About 50 Days- What Do I Need?


I own vhs to dvd 3 and musiclab premier 10 which has cineplayer too. I'm on win 7 pro 64bit.


Since Microsoft is zapping windows media player and center from win 10, I'm trying to figure out if the two Roxio programs above will work on win10. If not, what do I buy? I suppose the vhs to dvd 3 isn't a huge priority. The biggie things I need to do on Win10 pretty much when I get it on July 29 are-


click to play music file wav/mp3s when I don't feel like first starting up sound forge (was using mostly windows media player)

click to play video mp4 files or a dvd movie I pop in to the computer (was mostly using windows media player and cineplayer)

load and save/make image (iso) files for backups of various computer data

make emulated drives from time to time for copying

standard cd/dvd burning which are mostly data backups



I know there are various free 3rd party progs for the stuff above but keeping it all in a Roxio program/bundle would be cool. I can't figure out what the deal is with cineplayer on Roxio's main page. It only shows for vista and xp. But I have it in my recordnow on win7. Little things like that throw me off regarding figuring out what I need.


I've also read posts saying it's too early to speculate on Roxio win 10 programs but..... 50 days isn't very far away now.



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Post #2 sez it all.

Actually, our OP is correct, and Windows 10 will be released in July. Jim's speculation on "many months" is a little long. But of course, there is no reason to upgrade immediately, which SyncToGreen seems eager to do.


I have no intention of "jumping" on the Win10 bandwagon anytime soon. And I have my favorite applications for playing MP3s (an old version of Winamp) and videos (the free Videolan VLC player), which I intend to keep using. No, they're not in any "suite" of applications, but that's not an issue for me.


As for Authoring DVDs or BR, or Audio CDs, I suspect, if my current version of Creator 2012 stops working, that either NXT3 (which I have) will work, or there will be a new release that does work, and I'll definitely wait till that's available before moving to Windows 10.

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