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23.98 Files Being Seen By Toast 12 As 29.97




I have been using Adobe Media Encoder with the manufacturer preset for 23.98 mpeg2 widescreen files for DVD.

When I open these in Toast however they are listed as 29.97 files and the playback on burned DvDs is too fast [reflecting the faster frame rate]

Any solutions?



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You might do a test if 24.0 fps is treated differently by Toast. It may be a problem with Toast's MPEG 2 encoder. You also can use some other application to make the DVD-spec MPEG 2 video. In that case Toast will merely multiplex the video rather than encode it; especially if you choose Never re-encode in Toast's custom encoder settings window. If your video and audio are separate streams you can drag the .m2v video to Toast and it will ask for the audio stream.

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