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Retro Consoles With Roxiogamecaphdpro



I was wondering if you can connect a Retro Console like(NES,SNES,SEGA and Atari) to the GameCapHDPro..

Because i want to make videos of that and i dont know if i can connect the AV cable of my NES onto the Capture Card it self because there is the Green,Blue and Red(Y,Pb,Pr) Inputs but i think i can connect the Video Cable of the AV to the Pr(Red Input) and then the A cable to the Left or Right Audio because its Mono...
Can any of u guys help me with this??

Already Thnx

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The Pro accepts both Component and HDMI whereas the Standard only accepts Component.


Most of those only do Composite and won't work!


But a workaround would be a Player (VCR, DVD or BD) that will allow input of Composite and output of Component ;)

(HDMI out is tricky because most add HDCP code)

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