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Sector Unreadable. Verification Failed.

Vince Pedulla


I've just purchased Toast 12 as part of my archiving solution.

I have been trying to create an archive of 30 spanned DVD discs. On the third disc burn of the series, I get a verification error. I've inserted new disks as requested by the interface only to produce the same error 3 times, giving me now 3 extra discs with verification errors and 2 discs with complete verification. I have checked these discs and they all seem ok but I cannot move past this error without possibly resetting the whole process. (which I have now done). If I attempt to to burn disk again this may well happen again. Leaving me with more wasted archive discs.


I'm running up to date OSX (Yosemite) and using the latest LG DVD burner. The files I'm burning are raw Nikon files, tiffs and jpg (some very large ones greater than 1GB) .

Can someone please advise on the way forward?



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I'm not from Roxio, but in truth, the best way to validate your archives is to actually go through the restore process. I'm not a Toast/Mac user so I don't know how that restore works, but if you can restore to a different drive/folder, and leave your original files in place, and then use whatever utility is available to you, to compare the restored files to the originals, at a binary level, you'll know whether or not everything is working properly.


Another consideration is how the Toast Archive works. If it is creating a custom file format from which you need to use a program from Toast to restore your files then what happens if any one of your 30 DVDs develops a problem? Some restore programs will work okay up to the point of the problem, and not be able to proceed beyond that, and any data on those later discs is lost. And if the problem develops in the first or last disc (often where file/directory/location information is put) then the whole archive can be irretrievable.


If instead, you write your files "manually" to DVD, in their "native" format, a scratch or disc problem should only affect maybe a single file, or at most, a single disc. It may take more discs if compression/disc spanning is involved (or not) but you have to balance the value of your data against the cost of the discs used.


Just a few thoughts.

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