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Thanks To Everyone On The Discussion Group

New Zealand user


Hello everyone I am writing to you to thank everyone for their support and is solving different problems over the years but it looks like roxio may not be a program much longer on my computer because of the problems the latest build or should I say the latest for builds have caused

Because of what roxio has done with the label maker I may have to move away from roxio and just have to hope I don't need any of my old inserts to be duplicated I would like to especially thank Brendan for all the help he has given me but but it looks like there is no solution to my problem with the label maker because roxio has not fixed this problem I just wish there was other programs out there which could open their files and were a good design programs like roxio

Many thanks for all your help everyone

Michelle :(

I just wished roxio would listen to us users and make these changes which are needed for me and I'm sure I am not the only person who is wanting these down if roxio is not careful a lot of people will have to move away from their products unfortunately

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I haven't used the Roxio lable maker for almost 10 years ! That label maker in the Roxio products is an OEM version of the SureThing label maker. If your have the $$, why don;t you consider buying and using that program to make your labels. It will do much more than the Roxio OEM version. Yes, it will autofill from disc if that is important to you.


There are other labeling programs that would be much cheaper than buying another video/audio editing program. Google for them.

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Steve, there are TWO label makers in the suite.


There's the Express Label Maker, which is a version of the SureThing product, but that's NOT the one Michelle has been using. The SureThing product just doesn't cut it.


The other is the Roxio Label Maker - the original Roxio product which MIchelle has been using to produce case labels for her business. This one has always produced the output she wanted, but the Creator 2012 version developed a control fault which has not been fixed and which has carried on down to the NXT 3 version. This fault spoils her output.


Since this verified fault has persisted through four versions so far Michelle is not confident that Roxio will fix it in NXT 4 or whatever is to come, and is looking elsewhere.




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