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Complaint About Roxio Burn



Attention Moderator: Since there doesn't seem to be a sub forum for my product, I invite you to move this post to the appropriate location.


I'm posting this and I'm going to wait a couple of hours before I demand a refund.


Here's the environment:


Windows 8.1 HP Envy with 12 gigs of ram


Internal dvd r/w

external (usb 3) blue ray read/write


I downloaded roxio burn for a very reasonable price except for the fact that it won't work for me. Each time I launch it the program opens my internal drive awaiting media, and gives me no option to change drives, or make any other adjustments to settings.


I hope someone will provide a solution.




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Below is the receipt and download link I received from digitalriver.com


The download link downloaded the following:






Product Qty Price Roxio Burn - ESD 1 $19.99 begin_download_green.gif Download: RoxioBurn.exe Product Key: xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx



SubTotal: $19.99
Shipping: $0.00

Tax: $0.00
Total: $19.99

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I was also led to believe that this product will allow me to copy multiple files whose total size exceeds the size of a disk and it would simply prompt me to insert the next disk. similar to the old xcopy from the DOS days. if there is anyone old enough here to remember. :)

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I'm trying to get hold of a copy of this ESD version of Roxio Burn, but in the meantime can you tell me a couple of things please?

[1] If you can find the file Roxio Burn.exe would you hover your mouse over it and tell me what file version shows in the popup?


[2] You should get Burn icons showing up in the bottom right corner of your screen. Please tell me - are they like either of these icons, and are there one or two icons?


The reason I'm asking this last question is because I'm getting one icon per drive, and in my version they're popping up with one covering the other. If your version is similar, you might have one icon covered - try dragging the icon you can see.


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I was also led to believe that this product will allow me to copy multiple files whose total size exceeds the size of a disk and it would simply prompt me to insert the next disk. similar to the old xcopy from the DOS days. if there is anyone old enough here to remember. :)


Something you should know about 'Spanning'...


If it were a wonderful 'click & smile' feature like you think it is, everyone would be doing it :unsure:


It will do split the file when the project exceeds the capacity of the disc, however! it is not too smart about it. If you had a very large file when it ran out of space it would split it only to discover the remaining part exceeds the capacity of the next disc you put in and at that point it will just keep asking for a new disc...


It does not plan ahead but simply reacts when it gets there. Of course this only happens if those conditions are encountered -_-


In order to recover those split files you must use the Recovery program that it puts on each disc. It is small but that does take up space that you might not have figured on. Should either disc containing the Split file become unreadable, you lose that file and nothing can recover it!!!


In my opinion spanning is only good for temporary situations - I have a bunch of files I want to give to someone or I want to make a temporary backup. What I use are external HDDs. I just added 2 bringing my total of extra HDDs to 10 :D


I keep multiple copies of things that are irreplaceable and I do burn copies of programs and recently added an M-DISC burner and made M-DISC copies of all my pictures (3, 25 GB M-DISCs) Those pictures also exist on 3 different PCs and on several of those HDDs I mentioned ;) (the only thing I don't do right is keep some of those copies off site!)


When I do have a large burning project, I take a few extra minutes and place the files into new folders that represent my needed discs, and move around the files to keep the folders within the capacities of the discs I am using. If the last disc has one 1MB file, who cares it only cost me 25c for the disc.

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I's version


When I start the program I get an icon similar to the larger of yours, however it doesnl't show the drives. I opens the internal DVD drive and prompts me to insert a disk. I am unable to do anything. If there is a disk in the drive, the burning program is launched, but there is on option to select a different drive.


I don;t know what I did that was different but last night for some strange reason I did get the two drives showing as your sample, but I was unable to select my external drive. Today it's back to popping the internal drive and not recognizing the external at all.




My goal is to copy a large number of files, but the files are not extraordinary in size. Some may be as large at 2gigs, but that should be no problem with 25 gig media. I likely will need to do exactly as you suggest and create multiple folders with files totaling less than about 22 gigs. I have been using a 5T external hard drive which crashed on me last week. The drive is only about 2 months old, and I believe that Seagate will replace the drive. But of course the data is gone. Fortunately, most of the files were still on my computer, so the loss is minimal.


DVD/Blkue Ray disks don't crash.

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I have that same version as you can see in my post above, but in my case it's part of Creator 2010 rather than a stand-alone version.

[interesting that they should slice that application out of the old creator and sell it to you for $20.00]


In any event, this is the picture I get when I boot with two internal drives.





As you can see, RoxioBurnLauncher has launched TWO copies of Roxio Burn, one for each drive. If this is the designed behavior, you can see why there's no provision to swap drives - you just go to the icon representing the instance of Roxio Burn which is associated with the drive you want, to perform the action you want.


Your system doesn't seem to be picking up your external drive at times, by the behavior you describe.


One thing which might help us. Clicking on the small icon turns it into the large icon, and it has some controls available.




Clicking on that menu button then Options gets you a box like this.




-Can you get to that Options box, and does it show you both drives, or only the internal one? Can you enable both drives?


-Does Burn behave differently when you start with/without a disc in the external drive, or when you connect the external drive after Burn has been started?

[i'm hoping this old version of Roxio Burn will recognize an external Blu-Ray burner, and that it's only a matter of whether the external burner needs to be already powered up and ready when Roxio Burn starts]






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