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Install Steps, please!





I ordered EMC9 a few days ago and FedEx says it arrives today!!!


I have the retail version of EMC8 Suite installed. I also installed the upgrade for the retail version (not the one to Deluxe, just the fixes, or whatever, to 8.05)


Everything works right now.


I have read through many of the posts on installing 9 and want to have all my ducks in a row!


My main question is when to uninstall EMC8....I don't have any unfinished programs and don't mind uninstalling it....actually, I guess I'd rather it be gone to free up space....should I do that before or after EMC9 is working?


I will create a restore prior to any work I do ... I often make several during major software installs!


And, I don't have IE7


I'll turn off NAV and NIS (Norton) before doing and installs ...


Are there any patches I need to get right away? Or just wait and see what works and what doesn't?


Any other hints, tips?


My family is looking forward to DVDs for Christmas!






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Susie,I think it's best to remove V8 before trying to install V9.Just run the uninstall from the control panel to remove it.If you have a registry cleaner you might run that after you uninstall V8.

Once you've done that then go ahead and install V9.If you run into trouble then come back for some more advice.

If you've read in other places here about running Roxizap you can try that also if you wish.Just be careful as running it may cause problems if you have other burning software on your machine.

As of yet there are no updates to V9 so you don't need to worry about that.

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Well, I uninstalled EMC 8 and then installed 9 and everything seems to work fine! I haven't used the drives yet ... I should probably do a quick music CD to make sure everything is recognizing everything else....


One note....when I installed EMC8, it didn't need to uninstall my free version of CD Creator 5 .... what i used to make music CDs with. I had kept it in case I wanted to re-burn something. EMC9 wanted it gone .. so it is.

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