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Output Files // Editing



Hi, I've been using the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO since March and I think it's fantastic however I've been hitting problems with the output files and editing.


My issue is, whenever I edit with Videowave, it takes an long time to do the simplest of tasks and makes it unbearable. Especially when it crashes. So I've been trying to edit in Sony Vegas as I normally do but recently when I import my .m2ts files, it will never import the whole file. And also as the audio doesn't import either, I have to extract it from the file using Videowave. A way around this I've found is to put the output file as MP4 but the capture program always crashes when I've finished recording a file.


Sorry if this isn't very specific on what I need help on but can anyone suggest anything for me to be able to edit these videos a lot less painfully?



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Thanks for the response but I've repaired the program 3 times already but it can still be quite temperamental.


I use a laptop however I think it's quite up to the task but I couldn't be 100%. These are my specs (I'm not great with PC specs, etc so bare with me haha)


Toshiba Laptop Win8 (64 bit)

AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 2.00 GHz w/8GB RAM


Should it be working well with that or is it an issue with the laptop?


I'll dig back through to Sony Vegas! Thanks again :)

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It is the bare minimum and that often means just surviving...


The RAM is good but the HDD Free Space is very important! RGC files can go about 6 1/2 GB per hour another 1/2 GB to run VideoWave and you are the end of your RAM :huh: Sooo computers then use HDD for buffering. If you don't have the space or the HDD is fragmented you will wait. And with your processor, there is lot going on under the hood!


AC power is a must too, otherwise your processor will slow down to save the battery.


And with all that going on, heat can be an issue as well...

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NO!!! do not use the MP4 as all capture is actually done in M2ST then then converted when you stop :huh:And if the capture is an hour or more (don't know the exact point) it will crash and delete everything before you can say, 'Well S--t!'


The drive won't do it, of and by itself...


You will need to move file from your C:\ to open space. You can change the working locations in VW but it is best to just clear up that C:\ HDD and keep things at default ;)

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