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Return To Menu After "episode"



I have two unrelated DIY "episodes" of less than 30 minutes each I want to record on one DVD, but when played I want to return to the menu after each episode, not continue to the next episode. I recorded and saved them from VHS as separate files. Now I open EVHS2DVD+ and import the two episodes. Then I proceed to the Export screen. I click Add Menu and select the menu style. I select AutoFit. There's a Transition icon between the two episodes in the Video List. Initially it shows the two transition options as "Link" and "Link with Transition". I don't select either option so the two episodes should be unlinked. (I've confirmed this by selecting Link and then Unlink.) There's an arrow in the Video List from the first episode pointing to the second episode. Total Play Time is 54:57.



Check for Updates - yes

audio normalize - no

fade in movies - no

fade out movies - no

aspect - 4:3

render - hardware


When the DVD plays, both episodes are listed in the menu (indicating they are unlinked), but if I select the first episode from the menu, the second episode plays immediately after the first. I would like to return to the menu after each episode rather than continuing to the next. (Typically you would watch one episode at a sitting, not both.) Is this possible within EVHS2DVD+ or will I need to use a different product?


EVHS2DVD3+ build 301837A ENU

Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit mode


Intel Core2 Quad CPU

670 GB free on 1TB hard drive

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I tried 3 PC's and 2 different versions of EVD and it does not work anymore...


I'll pass it along but don't count on it being fixed :(


It does work as expected in the Creator Suites. You might consider upgrading to one of these or locating a good buy on a used one ;)


So you know, the Capture Device works across all of the Creator Suites.


Edit: Never use Auto Fit!!!! it should be labeled Poor Quality.

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Thanks DG,


I have always used AutoFit, but always keep my total minutes to about an hour (or less) per standard DVD-R and I always confirm the quality is "Best" before burning. I've been using EVHS2DVD and EVHS2DVD3+ for about 3-4 years (off and on) and decided long ago that since the quality from the VHS is already below what we typically expect from a DVD, letting the application lower the quality was a step in the wrong direction.


I've dealt with EVHS2DVD3+'s many idiosyncrasies mainly because I've come to know them and how to get the job done. I'd just as soon not have to go to another product to deal with what seems to me to be an obvious bug. (Unlinked should be unlinked.) I'm not sure this particular bug is worth the $65 (Amazon: $63.69) to upgrade to Creator NXT3 without first checking out the competition... particularly if this product is, for practical purposes, unsupported.

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Factor in the cost of a new Capture Device if you switch software as the USB Device only works with Roxio software.


But you could capture with EVD 3 and edit with any other software.


I would be looking for Creator 2012 Pro - probably the the last version that had everything of value in it and worked ;) The NXT series work well but for some reason, Roxio has been dropping features.


I did report this but I don't expect anything to come from it,,,

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Thanks. Understand. If I'm the first to complain about this bug after this long it's not likely they will spend any time fixing it. It just leaves a 'bad taste' in my mouth when it comes to buying Roxio in the future. Of course, dropping features in later versions will do that too. ;) Thanks for the assist.

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