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VHS to DVD 3 Plus


I have done comprehensive testing of this product. Here are my observations:

1) Using the S-Connector and "average quality" VHS tapes, this product absolutely requires a TBC (Time Base Corrector) connected to the VCR playback deck in order to obtain a usable DVD.

2) Even with a TBC, a usable DVD can only be obtained using the "BEST" recording mode. Any lower recording mode results in an unusable DVD. Way too much "video noise" (ie: visual artifacts).

3) Even with a TBC and recording a 30-minute tape in the "BEST" mode, the resulting DVD has more "video noise" than a DVD that is created using standard practices. By standard practices, I mean capturing video to a DV-AVI file (using a program like Adobe Premiere) and then encoding and outputting a DVD at 6.6 Mbps (CBR)

I returned the product for a full refund.

Myron Achtman
Calgary, AB

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Sorry it didn't work out for you...


There is NO control over the quality of Capture. EVD took that out and captures everything at HQ 720 X 480 @ 9mbps. That is as good as DVD can be.


Your output is where you can change things and it should always be equal to your input. You cannot render UP with video although some say the BD Players with 'up-sampling' do a pretty good job ^_^


And of course you never want to lower the quality for the sake of Time or Fit to Disc!!!!


The best a VHS tape can be is 333 X 480 (SP) and even Hi8, Super VHS and LaserDisc only come up to 560 X 480. When captured at HQ and output at HQ they will be as good as they were originally. Mess with anything, up or down and you degrade them!


I have never had any issue with the Roxio Capture Devices (2) and Software (12 different versions). Certainly never anything that required extra equipment!

(there are some things that don't work software-wise but we can usually work around them)


Likewise I have used it with almost every form of camcorder and player that I could find and with both S-Video as well as Composite.


Before Roxio came out with the Capture Device (2008) I did have issues with my DAC 100 and one Digital8 camcorder... When recorded with the Roxio device, it worked fine... So I suspect your findings are more to do with your specific equipment OR the combination of equipment....


Although I seem to recall you posting about this earlier and your methods were pretty through as I recall -_-

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