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Stops Recording



Hello Roxio Forums! I really love this thing! It's the first of many VHS to DVD programs/hardware that really works! I have one issue with it however. I noticed everytime I record it works great up untill the video hits a spot that has no video. The recording stops. I'm guessing the program thinks the video is done but this homemade video was created like this. We did the video like a start stop kind of thing. Film one part stop, film agian stop, ect ect ect. Long story short (Sorry) Is there a way to make it keep recording no matter what. I don't care if there are blank spots because the VHS is like that.


Thank you ahead of time!



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Right, there's really no fix to having it stop when there's no signal, without using extra hardware. No signal, it stops, as you've noticed.


However, if you have another pass thru device you can use, like a camcorder, or another VCR, which actively feeds the signal thru, so that a blank spot in the tape either comes out "blue" or with a blank (not static) screen, that will keep the capture device happy, and let you keep recording. If you want the "no signal" (fuzzy) screen, you'll have to find a way to actually record some static to put between your scenes.

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