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Upgrading My Pc, Transferring Files Etc.



So I'm gonna be upgrading my computer pretty soon and am switching OS to 64 bit instead of 32, 4gb ram to 16gb ram and more. This will probably let me use Roxio HD without issues on my PS4 but I'm wondering if transferring files will encounter any issues when trying to use the application.


I have my CD Key but no Disc if I am required to install again

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It is a 32 bit program so changing to 64 bit will do nothing...


Likewise the RGC Device and Software work with whatever is plugged into the RGC Device, it has NOTHING to do with your game console.


"Programs" can never be 'transferred', they always have to be installed.


There is no download so you might want to do some more looking for the disc you lost.


I am a little concerned that it sounds like you are throwing some wild ideas at a problem you are having, in the hope it will fix it??? It Won't!

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I think you've proven that your PC is "strong enough" if it can capture with your Xbox 360 and PS3.


Here I'm guessing, but the resolution/level of detail of whatever you're playing on the PS4 may be higher than what you're playing on the other two consoles. That will require more processing power on the RGC HD Pro, generating more heat. Are you capturing at the same resolution (1080i or 720p, or ???) from each of the devices? Are you playing at the same resolution?


There's really not much you can do for air flow on the RGC HD Pro without removing the four screws that hold the case together, and removing the circuit board. Then you can put a fan on it. Of course I can't recommend that, it's definitely a "do at your own risk" option.

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