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Help Me Please ?


I want to get started livestreaming but my internet is not the greatest. And i was wondering if there was anyway to livestream in full hd quailty that i record in? I do have xsplit but frames drop fast and it lags quickly. I dont know if its the capture card or if its my internet. If its the capture device i would have no other option then to sell for the Elgato. I need all the help i can get. I want to make a living off somthing i enjoy. Thanks in advance

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You'll need to tell us about the computer you're using to capture with, what processor does it have? How fast? How much RAM is installed? How much hard drive space is available?


Then you'll need to tell us about your internet connection, especially your upload speed. Search on-line for internet speed tests, there are a lot of free ones available to test your connection speed.


If your internet speed isn't fast enough, or your computer doesn't have the processing power, it won't matter too much what device you have.

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