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Acceptable Mydvd Filetypes?



I've been using DVD Studio Pro 4 for years to create DVD's for my wife's dance studio but DVDSP 4 does not support BluRay and it has been dropped by Apple.


I bought and downloaded Toast 14 Pro yesterday because of the description of myDVD. MyDVD manual is very skimpy. Does anyone know the Media Filetypes that it supports. I have some H264 HD video and Dolby audio files that I created using Compressor but it doesn't seem to recognize these files.



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I still don't really grok this. DVDSP user forever, and will still use it for the DVD I have to create today, as I cannot figure out what MyDVD wants for the incoming file type. Certainly not the ProRes master from FCPX, even tho that is .mov
What does MyDVD want as input? Does it not do the conversion a la iDVD? What are 'Nat Sound DVDs'?

I'm quite irritated that this was recommended to me for BluRay 9came packaged with the burner)

Where is the manual?

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I also used Compressor to output for a Blu-Ray. I of course got the "normal" files - a .264 file for the video and an .ac3 file for the audio. Toast 14 is able to use the files after you tell it to link the audio with the video file. MyDVD? Not so much . . .


MyDVD wants - believe it or not - only .mov files. I used Compressor to output a 1080 .m4v file, changed the extension to .mov, and MyDVD was happy. Well, by "happy" I mean it accepted the file. It still would't burn, but that's another matter . . .

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(I started a new thread a few minutes ago. This thread seems to be on topic...)


I took some AVCHD files, used Toast 14 to make them NTSC .movs (29.97, 640x480 about as generic as Toast can do - added "letterbox" if necessary since the files are actually 720x480).

Dropped a .mov into MyDVD, and got the "Unacceptable File Type" error.

In Toast, I unchecked the "Audio" box, as I don't use nat sound.

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I just re-tried with iMovie (AVCHD clips in iMovie)... output .mov 640x480 Letterbox (720x480) and MyDVD liked it.


Difference: iMovie with Audio track vs Toast with Audio unchecked.


I also did an iMovie with no Audio , which also got the "Unacceptable File Type" in MyDVD.


I got the clue from MacGeek above, when she mentioned the word "audio".


I don't make Nat Sound DVDs, and for the Toast 14 AVCHD video test, I didn't deal with adding a music track. Now I did, and it worked. What a relief.


My little 2.8GHz Mac Mini was sweating under the strain.


I'm looking into upping from 8GB to 16GB of RAM. Upping myself. I didn't want to wait the 2 weeks for Apple to ship (pickup) my Mini with upgraded specs.


I've made about 500 DVDs with FCP and DSP! I so miss both. BUT, my first try with MyDVD last night (video and audio!!) worked so smoothly! It was amazing. Even making chapters!! SO pleased.


I've easily burned 10,000 DVDs with Toast since about 2005 (I actually owned the first Toast CD burner in 1995!). Sometimes Toast acts kind of "Windows"-y, but HOORAY Toast 14 and MyDVD is pretty amazing, coming down off of 10 years with FCP and DSP, then a dalliance with Premiere Pro and DSP, then back to FCPX alternating with iMovie and DSP for the simplistic work I do, MyDVD is going to work fine!


Which gives me breathing room to learn BD maybe.


iMovie took a little longer than Toast 14 to output. I need to look deeper: Is there a box I forgot to find to check, so that the 10 AVCHD clips would have outputted as ONE .mov, instead of 10?

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