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Can't Burn Data Dvds





After building a disc image of data in toast, I am unable to burn the disc image to data dvd. I get a SENSE ERROR followed by a BUFFER UNDERUN error. The error messages appear at the start of the burn, when writing the lead in.


I trashed toast preferences & rebuilt permissions, then I could succesfully burn the data dvd ONCE. However, I have been unsuccessful at burning the same disc image again later. (Trashed preferences again and rebuilt permissions, but it didn't help).


I have no problems burning audio cds.


I have a new dual core 2.0 G5, 2+ gigs of memory, 2x500 internal hard drives(SATA), current OS update (10.4.4) and current Toast 7 update (7.0.2). All components are updated to the current available versions.


Any help would be appreciated.

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