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Creator Nxt - Photo Print

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so I installed the W7 driver for my Samsung printer that I downloaded from the Samsung support site....still get the same error. And Creator is the only app that exhibits this error, so I'm thinking it is in Creator that I need to change something ??

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I'm sorry, but your message is the only one I can find in an Internet search involving any version of Creator and this problem, and it's the only one I can find on the Roxio Bulletin Board. Since you seem to be the only one having this problem here, I can't find anything specific to guide us.


How about some details, in case anything stands out.

I gather you're using some version of Windows 7 x64, and a Samsung printer. - Is the printer networked?


You're using Creator NXT. What part of Creator, or what action provokes this error?

Does it happen every time you perform this action?




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Thanks for all the help Brendon. I've also heard from Roxio Support (or lack of). They were not nearly as helpful as you. They put me on to sales so I can buy the current version of Creator. No Thanks !!


I barely use this software so not about to invest in something that will be out of date in 6 months.


Yep, using W7, X64, with a Samsung printer, locally attached/installed, with the current W7 driver from Samsung.


Odd thing is that it is only PHOTO Print in Creator that does not work. I can use the CD app in Creator and print labels....go figure.


At this point, I think I'll just give up on Roxio and just print the 1 picture I wanted using any number of online services available for this purpose. Thanks for trying to help out.

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