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Regarding the "Prepare Record Failed!!! #0" error, I was able to eliminate it and use the screen capture by changing my audio speaker settings to "stereo" in my Realtek Audio Manager. Any other speaker modes such as, 5.1, 7.1, quadraphonic, all resulted in the error. Of course, a quick fix is to turn off "System audio" in the capture box settings but then you lose some audio sources.

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On your PC :lol:


You need to have the main interface for NXT 3 open and it is under the Video/Movies tab - Record Your Screen. (I found the EXE and made a shortcut for it on my desktop.


After that you can set the Monitor you want to capture and either do full screen or select a windowed area or a spefic Application.


Some pics:





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What Operating System are you using?


I haven't been able to make "Record Your Screen" respond at all under Windows XP (even with a shortcut to the exe), although it works fine for me under Windows 7.


I'd like to hear from anyone who has got it going under XP.

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