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Upgrading From Old Version To A Newer One



I have Toast Titanium 7 (version 7.1.3). If I want to upgrade for free to a higher, newer version, what should I do?

(I post here because the Toast 7 section seems to be deserted and Toast 8, 9 section has not been visited for months). And also I want the advise of someone who is past Toast 7.

I apologize for posting here but my question is not so much about Toast 7 as it is, in general, how do you upgrade when support seems to be gone?

On the one hand, I have no problem, on the other hand it is from 1997-2007 according to "About Me" and I see that now they have Toast 14. So this is really an old version.

The longer I wait to upgrade the more difficult it will be. But it has to be free (financial problems right now) and beside, as I said, it works fine.

Can I upgrade either incrementally to 8, 9 and 10 or go directly from Toast 7 to 9 or 10. (I don't need the latest one.)

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